Motorcycle Club News and Activities

  • Events: Check the motorcycle club calendar for all current events!  Not all events will be posted here, so be sure to check the calendar.  If you’d like to be added to the calendar for reminders, then drop the webmaster a note.

  • MEMBERSHIP DUES:  Renew your membership now.  Pay with PayPal or a credit card.  Membership form.  Everything you need to know about Membership can be found on the Membership page.
  • DownEast Rally Volunteers: The rally is now just around the corner and things are heating up.  There is always a need for volunteers to help in the organization, the preparation, and during the weekend.  Contact Rallymaster David Eskelund to step up to participating in some way.
  • DownEast Rally Date Set: The rally will be held May 20-22. We will return to the week before Memorial Day! So mark your calendars and plan on being with us at Hermit Island next Spring!
  • Facebook Group Feed: For those that can’t get to the Facebook group or for a quick look at the activity, we now have a feed of the BMW RSM Facebook Group here.  Since the forum is currently down, you can find For Sale items on the Facebook group.
  • Meeting Minutes:  If you missed the last meeting, or any of the past meetings, you can catch up on business meeting discussions by reading the club meeting minutes on the Meeting Minutes page.
  • PLEASE NOTE:. Please post updates to rides or questions either on the ride board and/or on the BMW Riders of Southern Maine Facebook group page. Update requests sent to the webmaster could take several days to get posted and will not guarantee the notice will get out. The forums and facebook are open for anybody to post. Contact the webmaster if you have difficulties.
  • Be sure to join us on our Facebook group – AND be sure to POST!
  • BMW Riders of Southern Maine meets on the first Saturday of every month.  During the summer, we meet at a few different locations.  Over the winter, we’ve been meeting more regularly at the Fairground Cafe at Topsham Fair Mall.

Next BMW Riders of Southern Maine Meeting:

March 5th 8:30AM

Fairground Cafe
49 Topsham Fair Mall Rd,
Topsham, ME
Directions (map)

Upcoming Meetings:
April 2nd 8:30AM
Fairground Cafe
49 Topsham Fair Mall Rd,
Topsham, ME

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The BMW Riders of Southern Maine calendar can also be viewed right in the site on the calendar page. You can also get a glimpse of the next few events in the calendar feed in the right column.

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