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The internet is pretty ‘social’ these days.  If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, whatever… you’re usually getting ‘shares’ to things that others think might interest you.  YouTube is one of the hottest things out there now with millions of videos of everything you can imagine. Bob Collin, the club’s best known and achieved distance […]

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Ride to Work Day 2013

If you haven’t heard, Monday June 17th is the official Ride to Work Day.  If you commute to work, be sure to take your ‘ride’ to demonstrate your connection and commitment to motorcycling.  This is a quick entry because I haven’t been able to get here recently. So, if you can, take your motorcycle to […]

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A Motorcyclist’s Guide to Riding in Maine

I think it’s safe to say at this point that we’re headed for riding season. Of course, some people are already out on the road while the snow is rapidly melting. Go for it, if you can! As I was browsing incoming links to our site, I came across a reference from I’ve been […]

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Ride News, All the Way to Deadhorse!

Hey folks.  Received an email from Bob Collin that he is on a ride from Maine to Key West and on to Deadhorse, Alaska.  Bob has done a LOT of LD riding and looks like he’s adding another pretty significant trip to his logs.  Here’s the note that he sent to be listed on the […]

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