Minutes 2011 December 3

BMWRSM Meeting minutes

December 3, 2011

Jim Salisbury, Club Vice President, brought the meeting to order at 09:30. The meeting was held at Cole Farm Restaurant in Gray, Maine. We had 31 members in attendance.


The President’s the first order of business was the November meeting minutes being accepted and approved.

Jim Salisbury notified the club members that there would be a change of venue for the Club’s Holiday Party in January as Killelly’s has closed. Jim had reviewed and passed around information on options for this year’s venue for the clubs consideration:

  • Events on Broadway
  • Seasons Events
  • Fireside Inn
  • Personal Touch Catering

After description and discussion the members present voted to have this year’s party at Personal Touch Catering on January 29, beginning at 5 PM.

A BMWRSM thank you for Jim’s work to research and bring this information to the club.

 Tim Sheehan, Club Treasurer, presented the treasurers report including the below:

  • No change to the rally account
  • The club account balance was reported

Tim Sheehan discussed the issue with the IRS concerning the proportion of club income being from non-members. Essentially, a portion of the club’s income comes from guests to the rally as opposed to non-members. Club documents must be revised to clarify this to comply with IRS verbiage.

A motion was made and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report.

Jim Salisbury opened the discussion on club officer opportunities for 2012 and opened the floor for an opportunity to volunteer.

  • Secretary
  • Vice President
  • Ride Boss

Dave Esklund noted that a Rally Door Prize leader was needed as well as the positions above.

These opportunities were met with quiet excitement.

Jim Salisbury noted he would begin to phone “volunteers” while trying to not displace the characteristic strong armed tactics reserved for earlier “volunteers.”

Bob Griffin, membership chair, reported we have eight-six (86) paying members for 2011. He began accepting dues for 2012 during the meeting.

Rally chair report; Dave Esklund, reported that Hermit Island is holding the same price of $35 per camp site for 2012. Secondly, we will be making the use of pay pal an option for payment of the rally fees. The requirement to cover the cost of using pay pal was discussed. One option is to price the rally fee & meals including the pay pal fees and offer discounts for those paying with check or cash.

Jim Salisbury noted that the logo voted upon last month was modified slightly and presented for approval and approved. We are legal. Please do not let it get around.

Jim Salisbury brought to the clubs attention of the forthcoming Rockingham, NH motorcycle trade show and questioned the attendees if there was enough interest to plan for a trip. The dates for this show are February 25 & 26. Those interested please contact Jim.

Shawn Blair, webmaster, asked a show of hands of the web site users and asked for feedback on the web page, facebook and twitter sites. Please provide input to Shawn.

The schedule of the next two meetings was discussed. Our next meeting will be January 7 and the holiday party / meeting on January 29 will replace the February meeting.

Joe Saunders, Mr. 50/50, collected the 50/50 club offerings and the drawing was won by our very own webmaster, Shawn Blair. Next thing we know all club officers will want to be paid. Was it more than $10?

“Coats for Kids” collection and delivery to the drop off site was after the meeting by our sidecar enthusiast. Thank you to all who contributed coats and/or toys and a special thank you to the side car riders for delivering these gifts. Who got the most face time on the local news?

Jim Salisbury brought the meeting to a close with a motion to adjourn.