Minutes 2012 November 3

BMWRSM Meeting minutes

November 3, 2012

With 30 members in attendance President Jim Salisbury brought the meeting to order for the November 3, 2012.

–    Paul Emerson was in attendance and he thanked everyone for the card and their support after undergoing emergency surgery.
–    For the December meeting our guest speaker will be Lauren Stewart, the Director for Highway Safety, her topic will be what the department is doing to promote motorcycle awareness and safety.
–    Brian Norton has the new club decals. Family members will receive 4; single members 2; additional decals are available for $3.00 each.
–    Bob has the 2013 membership cards with the new logo; let the membership renewal for the next year begin.
–    Another thank you to Ed Perry and Deb Dawson for all their work and effort to create and get the decal printed for the membership.

Coats for kids
The annual coats for kids and toy donation drop off will take place after the December meeting.  As in past years the side car contingency will leave Cole farms and proceed to the donation drop off in Portland.  Your donations help make this a successful event. Please help to make this another successful drive by bringing your new or used coats or new toys to the December meeting.

Did I mention the following club officer positions are available for next year?;

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary

Other Positions available:

  • Road boss
  • Safety officer
  • Door prize collector for next year’s rally

Treasurer’s Report
Edited: the club doesn’t report financial information on the public web site.

–   Dave will check on the booking of campground.  (will call next week to confirm, he believes the pricing will be the same as last year)
–   It was also requested to have next year’s rally dates posted on the web site.

New Business
Louise Bendix Secretary from Granite State BMW Riders Club made a presentation to the membership about an upcoming event which the National BMW Riders Association had approached GSBMWR to host.  Michael Johnston from the National BMW Riders Association contacted GSBMWR to inform them that the RA was in final negotiations with a venue in central New Hampshire for the RA National Rally in either 2014 or 2015

GSBMWR has been given first right of refusal to host.   Before committing, GSBMWR is reaching out to Vermont and Southern Maine clubs for support. GS does not have the resources to host this on their own.   GS next meeting is November 10th where they will make a decision.  Currently, GS has a volunteer Rally Master and one other member willing to serve on a committee. Individual members from Vermont will likely participate.

RA’s expectation of the host club are;

–    Be the rally organizer
–    Be the eyes and ears on the ground for any and all issues associated with the planning of the rally.
–    Provide Rally Chairperson, Registration Chair, Security Chair, Door Prize Chair (including procuring door prizes) and other chairs.
–    Provide additional volunteers to staff various functions
–    Coordinate between invited friend clubs that provide support.
–    Keep RA appraised of all activities for the rally preparation through the RA Rally Coordinator.

What the RA will do;
–    Site prep, coordinate vendors, entertainment and manage the Treasury.
–    The Beer tent would be provided by the site.
–    RA handles insurance through an AMA provider

Current unresolved issues
–    RA still has not set which year 2014 or 2015.
–    It is not definite the RA will hold the event in NH; there are 4 to 5 other states in contention for the same years.
–    GSBMWR response to RA will determine the RA’s final decision as to the location of the rally.
–    RA expects to have a decision of a date by December 2012 of January 2013.

–    Hard to commit as a club or individual with no specific date, year or location.
–    It was stated the RA holds their Rally late June or early July
–    What if the date conflicts with BMWRSM’s rally at the end of May?
–    What if it is scheduled the same week as Bike Week in Laconia?
–    GSBMWR are advising the RA not to schedule it for the same week.
–    Are other clubs being asked to volunteer?
–    GSBMWR’s are thinking of asking Canadian Riders Clubs
–    How many attend an RA Rally?
–    Attendance can range between 1000-1500 attendees according to members who have attended other RA Rally’s. New England summer Rally’s generally draw people in.
–    How long is the duration of the event?
–    3 to 4 days (Thursday through Sunday)

Jim will send out an email to the club members with the information from GSBMWR to get the word out and to have members who want to volunteer contact Louise directly so she can determine the level of interest and participation in order to decide whether GSBMWR can host the rally.

Motion to Adjourn  – A motion to adjourn was made by