Minutes 2014 January 4

With 26 members in attendance, President Tom Gerken brought the meeting to order for January 4, 2014.

Mark your calendars…
January 26, 2014 – BMWRSM Holiday Party at Keeley’s; Warren Ave Portland.
February 1, 2014 – BMWRSM monthly meeting at Fair Grounds Café, Topsham Fair Mall, Topsham, 8:30 AM
February 1, 2014 – On-line Registration opens for BMWRSM Rally in May.
May 16-18, 2014 – BMWRSM Annual Rally, Hermit Island Campground, Phippsburg, ME
May 29-31, 2014 – 42nd International BMWRA Rally, Barber Motorsports and Museum, Birmingham, Alabama.
July 24-27, 2014 – 2014 International MOA Rally – St. Paul, Minnesota


  • Members, who responded to help organize rides in the survey, please plan on meeting for 30 minutes at the end of February’s monthly meeting.
  • Ride Survey results will be posted on the website after recent submissions have been included.
  • Club Activity Survey data has not yet been compiled.
  • For the first time in 3 years, all club officer positions have candidates to be voted upon.

Secretary’s Report

  • Minutes from December’s meeting are on the web site and copies were distributed. Motioned and seconded with a vote of approval from the membership.

Treasurer’s Report

  • The treasures report was voted upon and approved by the membership

Membership Report

  • Prior to the start of the meeting, membership renewals for 2014 were at 29.
  • The Membership chair determined there were enough members present for a quorum to vote for the club officers.

Officers to be voted on;
Tom asked for additional candidates for each position as he introduced each nominee to the membership.

President – Tom Gerken
Vice President – Don Kent
Secretary – Sanford Peabody
Treasurer – Irene Betcher
Membership – Bob Griffin
Rally Master – Dave Esklund
Ride Boss – Steve Garrettv
Safety Officer – Steve Garrett
Shawn Blair – Webmaster
At Large – Jim Salisbury
At Large – Mike Lydon

A motion, second and vote by the membership was made to approve all nominees with 1 vote.
A motion and second was unanimously approved by the membership to endorse the club officers.

Ride Boss

  • Steve wants to meet at the end of the February meeting (for 30 minutes) with all those who indicated on the Ride survey who would be willing to help organize rides.
  • Now is the time to plan before the weather improves… Steve is open to suggestions and ideas for rides; one goal is to sort out rides and align rides with temperature. Ideas so far; Riding with the New Brunswick, New Hampshire clubs, Vermont ride. Theme rides such as an airhead ride.  “There is no such thing as a bad idea” –Steve G.

Rally Master

  • Holiday party January 26, 2014. An email will go out to the membership shortly. Any one attending must RSVP in order for Keeley’s to plan for the event.
  • Registration for the Rally opens February 1, 2014, the web site will be adjusted to make PayPal easier to use.
  • Volunteers are still needed for the Rally!
  • If a volunteer does not step forward to solicit for door prizes from local sponsors, an suggestion would be to discontinue door prizes and offer 1 gift to all registered participants

New Business


  • Tom and Don would like to attract or make others aware of our organization
  • We are Riders of Southern Maine, not exclusively BMW.

Proposal: to have a membership drive for the months of January, February and March. The drive would be less “brand” exclusive. A contest would include a substantial prize (i.e.; gift card, tires). Eligible contestants would be new members, current members, who bring in three (3) new members. The drive would culminate with hosting a viewing of the DVD “Why we ride” to include the drawing of the prize at the end of the event for 30 minutes in March.

Request: Don would like approval for expenditures for the prize, informational flyers and volunteers to form a committee to start working on the membership drive.


  • In past, when there is a purchase of a new bike at Street Cycles the new owner is offered a free 1 year membership.
  • Open the offer to bike’s purchased at Max’s?
  • Provide club information cards at dealerships or to pass out to riders.
  • Not limited to BMW dealers, include Woody’s, Tri Sports (Topsham), Poulin’s (Augusta). (These dealers have and continue to support the club)
  • First full slate of officers in three (3) years, membership has not grown, long term members fill in, need new people to take up the reigns.
  • A membership committee could look at all options to address, including other makes (Brands)
  • What would dealers do to promote?
  • Representation at Open Houses at Dealerships, host cookouts
  • Need to give new members a reason to join. What is in it for them?
  • Membership paperwork when bike is sold gets lost.
  • Suggestion; kick stand plate or a re-useable item with our logo contact information on it.
  • Suggestion; thumb drive and/or key fob to include club information.
  • Concern; Creating content for a thumb drive is a big, time consuming and there is no guarantee the recipient will look at the content.
  • Concern; have people thought about the character of the club? The club will be different if opening up to other bike brands, let it happen? Dynamic shift? Self-governing?
  • If there is a massive shift, than we will cross that bridge, at this point not an issue. Push membership now before riding starts.
  • Need to be cautious, not to change the club from what it is.
  • New members may join for a year or a month or you might get a perfect fit.
  • New members and riders will not come without expectations, the club should move back to its prior activities; such as sponsoring rider safety course.
  • Need to look at things to bring in new riders.
  •  New members will either embrace the values or leave. The club will not become “sons of anarchy”…
  • Don collected contact information of those members interested in helping with the membership committee.

Discussion had to be cut short, the room was promised to another group.

Motion to Adjourn

  • A motion to adjourn was and seconded.

Until Next Time, Respectfully submitted
Sandy Peabody