Minutes 2014 October 4

BMW Riders of Southern Maine July 2014 Meeting Minutes

With 12 members in attendance, President Tom Gerken brought the meeting to order for October 4, 2014.

Mark your calendars…

  • October 12, 2014 – MOA Mileage contest ends. Entries must be postmarked no later than Nov. 12, 2014
  • November 1, 2014 – BMWRSM monthly meeting Fair Grounds Café, Topsham, ME
  • Summer 2015 – MOA Rally, Billings Montana
  • Summer 2015 – RA is looking to hold a rally in somewhere in New England, (looking for ideas)

For Your Consideration…

  • Holiday Party, where and when do we want to hold it?
  • Does RSM sponsor another movie night?
  • Do we want to have a winter membership social?

Secretary’s Report

  • Minutes from June’s meeting are on the web site

Treasurer’s Report

  • No Report

Membership Report

  • Currently holding at 87 paid members.

Ride Boss

  • No report

Old Business

  • The Blood Drive is tentatively set for Saturday June 6, 2015. Don will be meeting with Street Cycles to work out the details.
    • Discussion; To invite ride Maine Guide, other clubs from around the state, vendors, raffle prizes, get a PSA (public service announcement), friendly completion with other clubs.
    • Look for another charitable organization to help raise donations for their cause. (have them set up a hot dog stand or food cart/table) .
    • Dates are difficult to schedule, there are only two Red Cross Blood Drive busses.
      • Ride Maine information has been updated.
      • Club brochure – MOA will do a mailing free of charge to club members in the area. The RSM pays for the postage, which is $300.00. Timing is important, Early March?
  • Rally Report
    • Hermit Island has requested RSM hold its rally the weekend after (June 6)
      • Do we want to explore the possibility or not?
      • Canadians have the same 3 day weekend, may not attend if rally is held a week later.
      • We need to know what the occupancy is the weekend after, how will this affect Donnie’s businesses?
      • Weather may be better?
      • Are there any other rally’s at the same time? Look at MOA, Yankee Beemers?
    • Winter membership drive – MOA Smart trainer, club would have to pay the travel for the certified instructor trainer. The Smart trainer is a computerized simulator of traffic scenarios where your skill is judged.
    • Tom looked for door prizes for next year’s rally while at the MOA rally. It was suggested a letter be sent out to organizations prior to the end of the year before they decide on who they will sponsor.

New Business

  • Election of officers for 2015, if interested please see Tom.
    • Tom is willing to continue as President for 1 more year.
    • Nominations accepted
  • Coats for kids
    • The club needs to decide whether it will continue to support this cause or discontinue. Last year was a disappointing showing. The membership will need to make a decision at the next meeting.
    • Discussion
      • should we contact other clubs have a combined breakfast meeting and deliver?
      • Should RSM find a new charitable organization to sponsor?
      • To help build reputation and membership?
      • Organizations; Robbie Foundation, Wounded warriors, Camp Sunshine, School programs needing money to travel to invitation events (parades).
  • Board Retreat
    • Tom would like to hold a Board member retreat. There may be a cost, there may not. The emphasis of the retreat will be to discuss and create a plan to continue to move RSM forward in the areas of recruitment, club activities and coming up with a vision for the future.

Motion to Adjourn
A motion to adjourn was made and seconded.

Until Next Time,
Respectfully submitted
Sandy Peabody