Minutes 2015 July 11

With 23 members in attendance, Vice President Don Kent brought the meeting at Peppercorn restaurant to order for July 11, 2015.

Welcome to:
Mike Leonard
Chris Rodgers
Mike Palmer

Secretary’s Report

  • Minutes from June’s meeting were distributed for attendees review

Treasurer’s Report

  • Club accounts presented and accepted

Membership Report

  • Membership has reached 100 for the first time!
  • 15 new members this year

Ride Boss

  • No report

Rally Report

  • Good turnout, good weather
  • 195 attended, only 4 no shows
  • Sold out
  • Longest commute; 2200 miles (Colorado)
  • Next to longest commute; 2150 miles (Arkansas)
  • Costs for camping are set in December, cost will be going up for next year
  • This year camping was $35.00 per night $9.00 pp.
  • Kelp shed charge $800.00 plus tax
  • State of Maine has a lodging tax on campgrounds.
  • Next year Memorial Day is late, TBD if the rally will be held the weekend before or after.
  • Tom is looking into optional campgrounds with access to a kitchen/dining for rally meals

Old Business

The Blood Drive

  • 17 donors
  • Feedback; it went off well
  • Do we want to do it again next year?
  • Concerns; short 1 phlebotomist, which resulted in long wait periods to donate.

Motion to Adjourn

A motion to adjourn was made and seconded.
Until Next Time, Respectfully submitted Sandy Peabody