Minutes 2017 April 8

BMW Riders of Southern Maine April 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes

With 28 members in attendance, Vice President Ted Danforth brought the meeting to order for April 8, 2017 at the Fairgrounds Café in Topsham, ME.

Planning ahead…

  • April 21-22 – “Frosty Nuts” Weekend camping at a Dolly Copp campground (White Mountain National Forest) Gorham, NH.
  • May 6, 2017 – Monthly meeting Fair Grounds Café Topsham, ME 8:30 start
  • May 19-21, 2017 RSM Down East Rally, Hermit Island, ME
  • June 3, – Monthly meeting Fair Grounds Café Topsham, ME 8:30 start
  • June 23-24 – Camping weekend, Destination Unknown
  • July 6-8 – BMW RA Rally; Petoskey, MI.
  • July 8, – Monthly meeting, TBD 8:30 start
  • July 13-16; MOA International Rally; Salt Lake City, Utah
  • August 5, – Monthly meeting TBD 8:30 start
  • August 18-19 – Camping weekend – Lily Bay State Park, Go right in Greenville


  • Welcome to two members from the Yankee Beemers who rode up to attend today’s meeting.
  • Hotel reservation available for the MOA International Rally – See Bruce Graham FMI
  • It’s still not to late to renew your membership. Please see Leah or go to the RSM website.
  • The DVD “ROAD” is available to club members who would like to view it. ROAD is also available on Netflix.

Secretary’s Report

  • March’s meeting minutes were distributed, motioned and approved; Chris/ Jim

Treasurer’s Report

  • Treasurer report presented and approved

Membership Report

  • No report given

Rally Report

  • As of today, there are 98 registered for the Rally.

Ride Boss

  • Position still vacant, still looking for a volunteer for the Ride Boss to coordinate the activities. Point of clarification; The Ride Boss is not expected to lead every ride. The purpose of this position is to coordinate and get the message out. Example, if a member was to be going on a ride, a message could be posted to meet at (location) by (time) and I will be riding a loop through the White Mountains.

Old Business

  • Rider Safety Course – May 13, 2017 Augusta. A one-day course. A few members have signed up for the class, it is unclear due to difficult communication with M.O.S.T. sign up was through his web site, not through the club, not sure how many took advantage. Indications are there was only 1 or 2 remaining slots if at all for the class.
  • Some members sited they are not receive emails from the club and thought this was the reason for the low number signing up for the class.
  • A suggestion was made to Ken Condon from Ashfield, MA come to next year’s rally to offer a class. Riders communicate with the instructor through headsets. The class is $$$

New Business

  • The Board held a conference call meeting to discuss the waiving of the registration fee ($35.00) for those members who volunteered their time at the rally. It was determined since there was no policy or criteria as to who was eligible and who was not for getting to attend without registering, to suspend the practice and to develop a policy before the next rally.
  • Several members expressed a concern with the club emails. They cite they are not getting notifications.
  • It was explained a member cannot respond or reply all to the emails sent out, however, they can use the email addresses on the website to contact individual Board members.
  • Discussion as to possible solutions were; a club directory, similar to the Vermont club. Facebook, Forums, etc. There were concerns raised about using some of those formats by having information out there for fear of spamming, etc. It was suggested Shawn B. should be consulted as to possible options/solutions to communicating with the membership.
  • Joe S. is no longer championing the Flea Market for the rally. Is there anyone willing to take over the reigns and continue with this long honored tradition?
  • Fort Andros has a movie theater next to a brewery. Possible location for movie night?

Motion to Adjourn;

Respectfully submitted Sandy Peabody