Minutes 2017 January 7

BMW Riders of Southern Maine January 7, 2017 Meeting Minutes

With 29 members in attendance, President Fred Burgess brought the meeting to order for January 7, 2017 at the Fairgrounds Café in Topsham, ME.

Planning ahead…

  • January 29, 2017 – RSM Holiday Party Fair grounds Café; 5:30 Cash bar, 6:00 dinner
  • February 4, 2017 – No Monthly meeting
  • March 1, 2017 – Downeast Rally Registration opens
  • March 4, 2017 – Monthly meeting Fair Grounds Café Topsham, ME 8:30 start
  • March TBD – Mid Winter Movie Night
  • April 1, 2017 – Monthly meeting Fair Grounds Café Topsham, ME 8:30 start
  • April 29-30 – “Frosty Nuts” Weekend camping at a campground near Wild Cat, NH
  • May 6, 2017 – Monthly meeting Fair Grounds Café Topsham, ME 8:30 start
  • May 19-21, 2017 RSM Down East Rally, Hermit Island, ME
  • June 3, – Monthly meeting Fair Grounds Café Topsham, ME 8:30 start
  • July 6-8 – BMW RA Rally; Petoskey, MI.
  • July 8, – Monthly meeting, TBD 8:30 start
  • July 13-16; MOA International Rally; Salt Lake City, Utah
  • August 5, – Monthly meeting TBD 8:30 start


  • The Holiday Mid-winter party is January 29. Menu will include; Seafood casserole, Ratatouille, Shrimp, Scallops, Vegetable platter. A cash bar will also be available.
  • Members will receive an email soon to RSVP for the party to determine a head count for the Cafe’.
  • There will be no monthly February meeting.
  • January is membership renewal time. Please see Leah or go to the RSM website
  • Joe Saunders is downshifting a gear and will no longer be the MC for the monthly 50/50 fundraiser or coordinate the Rally Swap meet.
  • Cailey Buckner attended our meeting to kick off the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scout Cookie. Today was the first day for taking orders. For those who ordered, cookies will arrive the end of February and be delivered at the March meeting.

President’s inaugural address;

Fred welcomed everyone to 2017. He thanked the current officers individually for serving in their positions. Fred also recognized and thanked former officers for their service and contributions to the club; Scott Gibson President, Bob Griffin Membership, Dave Eskelund Rally Chair and Ken Gaudin Ride Boss. Fred also made it clear there was no involvement by any foreign governments in affecting the outcome of the election.

Secretary’s Report    

  • December’s meeting minutes were distributed, motioned and approved; Dave/ Steve

Treasurer’s Report

Bruce had no formal numbers with recent renewals but estimated the balances.

Membership Report

  • Leah reported she has 30 members for 2017.  An email will go out soon to remind members that it is renewal season.
    Rally Report
  • The Rally committee is Ed, Mike Sandy, Nick Rendy, Adam Gilpatrick.
  • Fred would like to join and listen in on any meetings the committee has.

Ride Boss

  • There is still a need for a Ride Boss to coordinate the activities.
  • Ken is willing to help out.
  • Planned; last weekend in April, overnight camping near Wild Cat in NH.
  • Suggested; Cobscook Bay State Park Edmunds, Lily Bay State Park Greenville, Arndt Family Lodge & Campground Presque Isle, ME.
  • Reminder; for club sponsored weekend ride, Campsite fee and firewood will be paid for by the club for members.

Old Business

  • Don will coordinate the Mid-winter movie night. March is the month; he will contact Romeo’s in Scarborough to set a date. Don is looking for suggestions for a movie. “Road  the Dunlap Family” has been offered up as one so far.
  • The Red Cross sent a letter to the club thanking us for the support. There was also a Certificate of Appreciation included to recognize our contribution.
  • Advanced Rider Training – Fred referred to the club charter where riding instruction is supported and he would like to have the club pursue and make it possible for the members.
  • For members who participate, the club will pay 75% of the fee for formal training; the certificate a rider receives can be used to lower their insurance premium.
  • There are only 2 local companies offering rider training. They offer more beginner riding classes than advanced. Coordinating is difficult due to where and when classes are offered. Private schools will only take 9 to 10 riders for a class.
  • Staying Safe- instruction is done with two-way communication, it’s individualized however, expensive.
  • Other possible options, one being a local police agency might provide instruction. Fred has a contact with 20 years of MSF instruction.
  • Ted will also look into other options.

New Business

  • Incoming President Fred B. said he would like to begin the process of an official audit of the club accounts. To be brought back to the membership. Motioned; Steve/Tom, Approved.

Motion to Adjourn; Ted/James, Approved.

Respectfully submitted Sandy Peabody