Minutes 2011 October 1

BMWRSM Meeting minutes

October 1, 2011

Jim Fisk, Club President, brought the meeting to order at 09:25.  The meeting was held at Cole Farm Restaurant in Gray, Maine. 29 members were in attendance.

OFFICER’S Reports:
The President’s the first order of business was the September meeting minutes being accepted and approved.

Tim Sheehan, Club Treasurer, presented the treasurers report including the below:

  • We are tax exempt back to 2004 from the IRS
  • Reports were given on all balances in the club accounts
  • We will have to efile this year and in the future
  • We have an issue with an IRS rules relative to income created from non-members must be less than 30% of our gross income.  Tim suggested that the Club Directors need to address this issue.
  • We now have a tax number and the present President and future Presidents will be responsible to keep this secure for future correspondence with the IRS.
  • The IRS is interested / concerned that the rally should be for members only.  This would simplify our issues with the IRS.  Part of issue for Directors.
  • Our tax issues with the IRS are settled

We owe a big “Thank You” to Tim for all of his work to solve the Clubs issues with the IRS.

Jim Fisk reviewed the issues with the Logo and the rule as provided by BMW through the MOA.  Jim shared his ideas and asked for volunteers with ideas to step forward.

MOA mileage end this forthcoming weekend.

Jim Salisbury reviewed a number of safety issues now that we are into fall; leaves, pine needles and forthcoming black ice.

Also, Jim noted how visible Brian Norton’s yellow helmet is.  Bright yellow works to keep you visible.  Other safety products mentions were flashing LED license plate frames and Denali driving light.

Dave Esklund, Rally Chair was not in attendance; therefore, no report.

Joe Saunders was in attendance; and 50/50 this month was won by yours truly.  Thank you to all who contributed to my tank of gas for the K75.

Rally ideas related to the Vermont Clubs Rally and (10 the amount of food provided and giving cash as door prizes.  Ideas for us to consider for our rally in the future.

Jim Salisbury asked that we have gift certificates to be drawn just for the rally workers as incentives for those that do the work.  Good idea to consider.

Jim Fisk brought the meeting to a close with a motion to adjourn.

Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Garrett, Secretary