Minutes 2011 September 10

BMWRSM Meeting minutes

September 10, 2011

Jim Salisbury, Club Vice President, brought the meeting to order at 09:30.  The meeting was held at Cole Farm Restaurant in Gray, Maine.

OFFICER’S Reports:
The Club Vice President began the meeting and the first order of business was the August meeting minutes that were approved.

Tim Sheehan, Club Treasurer, was not in attendance; no treasurers report.

Joe Saunders was not in attendance; therefore, no 50/50 this month.

Dave Esklund, Rally Chair indicated no changes relative to rally information.  Dave will begin with the planning for next year very soon.

Jim Salisbury noted that due to the weather and road damage Kenny Wing’s invitation to his camp on Falstaff lake will be delayed until next year.

Secondly, Jim Salisbury gave a report on the good time had by all at Pittston Farm last month.

National Rally for 2012 will be in Missouri near Branson.

MEMBER Reports
Jim Salisbury has a 2002 F650GS, with 30K for sale.  If you are interested contact Jim by phone or our intranet links for more information.

A motion to adjourn, a second was received and the meeting was adjourned by our Club President.

Club record as our meeting interfered with eating or riding for only 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
Respectfully Submitted,
Steve Garrett, Secretary