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Board Minutes – 2016 July 9

With 8 voting members present, President Scott Gibson brought the Board meeting to order for July 9, 2016 at the Pepper Mill Restaurant in Limerick, ME.

Board Members present; Pres. – Scott Gibson, VP – Fred Burgess, Sec. – Sandy Peabody, Treasurer – Bruce Graham, Membership – Bob Griffin, Rally Chair – Dave Eskelund, Web Master – Shawn Blair, Director – Mike Lydon

Board members not in attendance; Past President – Tom Gerken,

Item 1 – “No host” club campouts
2 held so far this year. Twelve (12) attended the first in NH, Six (6) attended the second in Newport.
Club agrees to pay for camping fee/fire wood for up to three (3) “no host” events for members of RSM.

• Cost for camping typically $10.00 pp.
• Activity would be a benefit for club members
• Need to sponsor offerings for non-camping members.
• Board will consider proposals for other activities when they are brought forward.

Motion approved – vote unanimous

Item 2 – Club Picnic at Ken & Leah’s for October

Club to pay for food, condiments, paper goods and supplies for a meal to be hosted at a members house.

• Need to have membership RSVP to determine how much food (meat, chicken, fish) and supplies to purchase.
• Should we set a budget?
• Members who wish to wish to bring adult beverages can set up a tent and spend the night in Ken’s yard.

Motion approved – vote unanimous

Item 3 – Officer/board member photo’s for web page.
Need to update. Photos taken and posted

Item 4 – Does the club want to publish a member directory as MOV has done?

• Difficult to get in touch with members.
• Great idea
• Include disclaimer to opt out
• Printed copy, not to be published on the web site
• A deadline date will be set for membership renewal in order to be included on the yearly-published list.
• “Opt out” check off will be included for 2017 membership sign up or renewal forms
• Include photo?

Accept the recommendation to publish a directory for the membership with an-opt out for members who do not wish to have their information published. Fred/Shawn

Item 5 – Review of club financial procedures

To appoint a committee to consist of the following members (Fred, Bruce, Linda & Irene) to examine and report on the clubs current system of record keeping and look at system(s) to be transparent in future. With a report to be presented in 90 days. Shawn/Scott (Fred abstained) remaining votes were unanimous

• The club is lucky to have honorable members.
• Fred, Bruce, Linda and Irene will look at all systems currently to look at the transfer of rally money, PayPal with a print out how money is moved from one account to another.
• This will be an audit to establish a set of protocols;
o A- Audit of systems
o B-procedural recommendations to follow
o Members of the club will work pro-bono
• An independent auditor could be hired at a cost to the club
• Membership – most money comes in as cash or PayPal
• Rally – Most comes in as cash or PayPal
• Square Reader may be a solution at the rally to process credit cards
• Cash & checks, how would they be accounted for?
• Is there a way to audit how money comes in at the rally?

Item 6 – Do we need to review our By-Laws?

• Few members are familiar with By-Laws, helps makes decisions easier, it’s not about personalities.
• Shawn will send them out to Board members
• They should be reviewed annually
• Board meetings should be held quarterly.
• By-laws will be reviewed at the Board meeting in October.

Item 7 – Recruitment for club officers for 2017

To establish a nominating committee of non-board members to recruit for open positions on the board. Fred/Scott unanimous


• Membership, Rally Chair and Vice President positions will need to be filled for next year. Fred is president elect.
• Reluctance by members maybe they are unsure, afraid it is a one-man show.
• Without Board meeting, there appears to be no back up.
• Invite members to attend Board meetings
• Rotarians have a progression procedure in place for their officers.
• Terms should be 3 years max or 2 consecutive terms, nobody wants to run for positions, nobody see’s any back up.
• There is only a core group who attend meetings. There is 100 members on paper but only 40 – 50 are active.
• Nomination committee should consist of no Board members to groom new members for positions. 3 members on the nominating committee to find willing members who would be good in the position. The club President would coach the committee.
• Need a job description in By-Laws.
• Committee members could be former officers or a long time member (5 years)
• Non-elected position, appointed by the club President
• This is a softer approach, as opposed to the President or VP pressuring the membership.
Item 8 – Other
• To the Board, Scott appreciates the replies to his emails when looking for help or in helping to make decisions regarding the club.
• Board meetings will be held every three (3) months
• Members of the Board can use to email Board members
Motion to Adjourn – Motioned/seconded approved
Respectfully submitted Sandy Peabody