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Board Minutes 2017 January 7

BMWRSM January 7, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

With 9 board members present, President Fred Burgess brought the Board meeting to order at Fair Grounds Café in Topsham, ME.

Board Members present; Pres. – Fred Burgess, VP – Ted Danforth, Sec. – Sandy Peabody, Treasurer – Bruce Graham, Membership – Leah Mahoney, Rally Chair – Mike Palmer, Director – Scott Gibson, Ken Gaudin, Don Kent.

Fred Thanked Scott for his service to the club for the previous year.

Item 1: Fred stated it might be time to revisit the by-laws, which were from 2008.

Discussion: Scott- there may have been amendments, thought it covered the club pretty well, is someone thinking about a change?

Item 2: It is time to have an audit to make sure there are no skeletons in the closet. There needs to be a formal plan in conjunction with the audit for a formal plan as to how much needs to be in reserve. Create a budget with a spending plan to track historically expenditures. This would set a benchmark to reflect on. A CPA will need to perform the audit.

Old Business;


Item 1: It is a great time to look at quirks and unfair distribution of bunk sites at Rally. Suggestions; open them up to auction, recommend there be a process for available bunks (need to bank space in the kelp shed for the cook). There are two cabins in the campground. One is a large cabin that has never been available, will need to talk with Donnie to determine availability.

Item 2: Fred is working on having a guest speaker for the rally.

Blood Drive; Expand blood drive to include membership drive to include real food.

Membership; to help members encourage new people to join and build membership, the club could print up “You are invited” business card size invitations to monthly club meetings. Include a line for the person’s name and “Present at meeting for a free breakfast” along with the club logo, date, time and location.

Rally Trailer; During Rally, need to look at all the gear, need to utilize trailer & gear for club-sponsored campouts.

Monthly meetings: Ted shared in a previous club where he was a member, club members would share slides of their riding travels/experiences. Presentations were limited to 20 minutes

Please note:

With the Club dinner the previous weekend, there will be no February monthly meeting.