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More WordPress Work…

There is still a good amount of work necessary to bring the new platform to readiness for live publication.  Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on some modifications and updates to improve the usability for visitors and on the backend, the administration.  As I research updates and work on some of my PHP […]

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As the New Website Grows

Of course, only a limited few are seeing this ‘website’ for the BMW RSM club.  These are people that have provided feedback previously and have served as officers in the club.  We’re hoping to tweak some additional design features on this WordPress based site, add some awesome graphics, and then release it to the general […]

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New Feature – Adding Users

There is a new feature that comes along with this new web site format and functionality.  We can add users that can actually go in, add content, and they only need to know a little bit about how to use a word processing type program. Easy, huh?  It really is.  If you can use Microsoft […]

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Ice Cream Ride Wednesday

Hey Crew!  Don’t forget there is an ice cream ride on Wednesday, August 25th.  Meet up at the Classic Custard in Freeport at 6:30pm.  Pick your own ride on the way there or after dessert.  But, show up and hang with us for a while.  Keep your fingers crossed for another fine riding day in […]

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